3 Tips for Your Back-to-School Ads!

The period that begins with the end of the summer, the opening of schools and people returning from vacation is called the “Back to School” period in marketing, and this period begins in mid-August every year. By mid-September, all brands customize their communications for this period, and we start seeing too many Back-to-School ads and campaigns everywhere.

Especially all brands want to announce their brands and campaigns by making intensive communication with high discount rates. With the increase in the consumer’s tendency to shop, every big and small brand knows that they must increase their sales by taking advantage of this period’s opportunities.

The way to increase sales is coming from reaching out to more potential customers. You can easily achieve this with digital advertising. Therefore, especially in these periods, the budgets allocated by brands to digital advertisements increase a lot. How can you make your brand stand out while competition increases in this process, and how can you turn this period to your advantage?

1. Learn from your competitors!

Be sure to analyse what kind of advertisements and how your competitors communicates during their back-to-school period. For this, regularly check your competitors’ social media channels and what type of content they are sharing. Also, if you’re wondering what kind of ads they advertise on social media, take advantage of Meta’s Ad Library.

If you have a very competitive industry and you can’t get more discounts on your products than your competitors, find statements that will highlight your own brand and use them in your ads. For example, highlight the features your brand has such as “Free Shipping, Free Returns, 24/7 Customer Support, Showing Products Live Before Order, 2 Years Guaranteed, Fast Delivery, Same Day at the Door, Pay at the Door”. Make sure to use these features in both ad images and ad texts.

2. Create your own shopping period!

Although this period begins in mid-August, it covers mid-September and is usually the most intense communication period. However, if you do not think that your digital marketing knowledge and budget are sufficient to cope with the high competition in this period, you can create your own shopping period without waiting for this period! Although it may seem difficult for small businesses to advertise on special days due to increased competition and cost, you can get more sales when they create their own periods without waiting for these special days to come. For example, you can start announcing your campaigns and discounts with your digital ads without waiting for the middle of September. Thus, before all brands start to advertise and move forward with very high budgets, you will announce your ads to more users with more affordable costs.

3. Make the difference with your advertising images!

Prepare your ad and attract the attention of your potential customers with different and compelling designs than you always use. You may prefer to stay away from designs like the advertising designs used by big brands. A user may lose his perception of that ad image after seeing an ad image many times that he has seen before. No matter how strong your brand identity and discount rate, it will be very difficult to attract attention if your ad image does not arouse interest! Clear your campaign message in your advertisement image, use your brand’s logo, add the region you serve, or your sales channels where your customers can find you. You can make a difference with your ads by using tools like Magnetiq Studio to design effective advertising images with these features!

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