8 Headlines to Consider in Back-to-School Ads!

While the back-to-school period begins with the end of the summer, it is also a period for e-commerce companies to overcome the stagnation of the summer months. Because while schools are opening, the tendency to shop increases, and people reconsider their needs while returning to the city from vacation! In this article, we’ve listed the topics you should check out as you prepare for the back-to-school term!

1. Check your stock information and make sure you’re ready!

Make sure you have full stocks, especially if you have a product that you plan to discount. If you plan to announce your product to large audiences through digital advertisements, it is especially important to have enough stock. Unfortunately, seeing the out-of-stock text when a user clicks on the ad and goes to the site to buy after seeing your ad will unfortunately have a negative experience!

2. Make sure you create collections on your Instagram Store of the products you want to feature!

If you have an Instagram store, show your products at the top that you will highlight. Thus, attract your target audience to the site by gaining more visibility. This can significantly increase your site traffic.

3. Reconsider your target audience!

Analyse and categorise your customers who have shopped from you so far, which products they prefer, in which periods and in which price ranges. Prepare this analysis with your potential customers in mind. Determining your target audience correctly means that your ads reach more users, which means your sales increase!

4. Do not overlook your opponents!

Check out how your competitors advertise with discounts and visuals during this period so far. Take out what offers they’re offering and highlight your brand recommendations that you can beat those offers in your own ads!

5. Identify the most valuable users for you!

The most valuable customers to your business are those who have purchased from you and are most likely to buy. The user who has added a product to their wish list or the user who has added a product to the cart but has not purchased it is the easiest consumer to persuade! Therefore, analyse these customers and determine your offers and discounts that you are willing to give to persuade them.

6. Customise your ads for the Back-to-School Period.

Be sure to include communications specific to this period in your advertisement images and texts. Include your ad images in line with your target audience. For example, if you think that your potential customers may be predominantly mothers, your ad image must be aimed at mothers. Connect with a more emotional ad image and text.

If you are not experienced enough in ad designs, with Magnetiq Studio, choose the one you want among hundreds of ad creative templates that comply with the advertising rules and prepare ad images suitable for every advertising platform!

7. Customise the pages to which you will direct your ads.

If your target audience sees the “50% Discount on Back-to-School Special Bags” announcement in an ad, they should see the bags with 50% discount on the page they will be directed to when they click on the ad. If they see that the discount is not valid on the product they want to buy, this will create a negative experience for the consumer and cause them to leave your page.

In addition, if you include this discount announcement on this page, your ad performance will increase as your ad and the page it is directed to are compatible with each other! Thus, you will be able to reach more users who will advertise with much lower costs!

8. Get ready for an after-sales experience!

You may make more sales than you expect and suddenly you may have problems with shipping. After-sales customer experience is very important so that users who shop from you can shop again and again. For this reason, you should think ahead of the problems you may experience and be prepared!

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