Connecting Magnetiq with Your Google Ads Account

Here are the steps you should check before connecting Magnetiq with your Google ads account:

  1. Make sure you have an active Google ads account.
  2. Google ads account activation process should be fully complete.
  1. Make sure your Google ads account is not restricted or closed.
  2. Make sure you have a payment method added to your ad account.

To connect;

1- Through the left menu, go to the “My Account” tab. 

2- In the “Connected Accounts” section, click on the “Connect” button from the Google section

3- From the screen that opens, log in with your e-mail information registered with your Google ads account.

4- After logging in, select the option to manage your Google ads accounts with the “blue check mark” and continue. This allows you to manage your Google campaigns through Magnetiq.

5- Finally, select the account you want to connect to and save it.

Press ESC to close