Instagram Store Setup from the Beginning for Your Business

Instagram is a must-have marketing tool for businesses engaged in e-commerce, and Instagram Stores are one of the most important features available to these businesses.

Instagram Stores integrate your business’s product catalogue with your Instagram business account. With this feature, you can promote your products in Instagram areas and enable users to go directly to the product in the image and complete their shopping experience much more easily.

First, do you meet the requirements? Check it now!
  1. You must have a linked Facebook and Instagram account.
  2. These accounts must comply with Facebook’s commerce policies.
  3. Your Instagram account must be in business account format.
  4. You must have a Business Manager account on Facebook. (Facebook ad account)
  5. You must have an e-commerce site where you sell and your products must be fully featured on this site.

We have met all the requirements and our products are on sale, so what do we do now?

Let’s activate your store on Instagram step by step!
  1. First, make sure you’ve linked your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Business Page in Business Manager.
  2. Create your store through Commerce Manager via Business Manager.
  3. Don’t forget to select the “Complete your shopping through another website” option!
  4. Now you can start creating a new catalogue!
  5. By creating a new catalog, you submit your store and catalog to Facebook’s approval. After the approval process is completed (this process takes an estimated 7 days), you can start using it.

Our application to open a store has been approved!

So how can we add our products to the catalogue?

First of all, you should open the catalogue you created from the Commerce Manager via Business Manager. By choosing the e-commerce option, you can start uploading your products to the catalogue manually or through a partner.

Do not forget to pay attention to these when creating a catalogue!

If you don’t have a site with a wide variety of products, or if you don’t have a business where the price of your products is constantly changing, manual uploading is for you. However, you should not forget that if you choose the manual upload option, when you add a new product to your website, you must also come to your catalogue and add it manually!

Enter as much information as possible when uploading your products. Write clear and understandable product descriptions. Specify the stock quantities correctly. Upload and save photos of your products with a minimum size of 500×500 pixels.

I also uploaded my products, how do I tag them on Instagram?

The product you want to tag in your Instagram and Facebook posts must be in your catalogue. After making sure that it is in the catalogue, select the catalogue you created earlier in the “Shopping” section of your Instagram account’s business settings. Then click on the product you want to label, type the name of the product and select the product that appears.

Remember, the maximum number of products you can tag in a single post you will share is 5. If you try to tag more products, Instagram will not allow it.

Now your Instagram store is active and you are ready to promote your products!

You can reach more potential customers by advertising your products that you have tagged in posts.

Thus, when users who see your ad click on the product label, they directly reach the link of the product on your website. In this way, you will speed up the shopping experience of customers.

Thanks to the advertisements you will prepare with Magnetiq Studio, you can increase your Instagram sales!

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