This Article: For Those Who Say I Tried Digital Advertising, but Gave Up When It Failed!

If you are one of those people who try to advertise on Facebook, Instagram or Google and give up when this article is for you.

Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest mistakes made by those who try to advertise on the digital platform: Expecting a huge return from the first ad campaign, giving up advertising if the desired return is not achieved.

The point that needs to be stated in order to avoid misunderstanding is that what we are talking about as a mistake here is not false advertising, but giving up after the first unsuccessful advertisement.

Creating an unsuccessful advertisement, making mistakes, not getting the desired result is a possible situation that advertisers may encounter. Even large companies with teams of digital marketing experts can experience these problems.

So what should be done?

Of course, we all know what needs to be done: To determine the cause of the problem and not to make the same mistakes in the future, instead of giving up in this process. You can rightly ask the following question: “How will I detect what mistake I made with my ad?”.

There are many reasons why a digital ad can fail. We’ll talk about the most likely causes below. Before that, the following distinction should be noted:

Did your ad really fail, or were your expectations higher than expected?

After your first ad:

– Wants to achieve great sales rates,

– Expecting your follower count to double or triple

– If you expect the number of visitors to your website to increase suddenly,

You probably will not encounter an ad performance that meets your expectations. It would be much more logical to keep your expectations as minimum as possible, especially for your first ads.

What are the reasons why ads fail?
Wrong target audience selection

The target audience selected in digital ads is one of the main factors that will affect the performance of the ads. If you choose the wrong audience for your product or service instead of targeting your potential customers, people who see your ad will not take the action you want (purchase, like a photo, follow).

Stop or revise the ad in the learning process

Stopping ads before they get data prevents you from understanding what to do and how. Therefore your ad should not be stopped or revised while it is in the learning process, unless there is a critical situation. For detailed information you can read our article.

Wrong ad image/design

It is important that the images and design chosen are attractive so that the ads you publish are noticed by the users. Because users who spend time on visual platforms such as Facebook or Instagram encounter many advertisements.

Therefore, the user’s view of your ad is limited to seconds. In this direction, the attention of your ad by the user at first glance is of key importance for the success of the ad. If you said that: “I am not a professional designer, how do I create an eye-catching ad image?” the solution is: Magnetiq Studio

Choosing the wrong platform

Another issue related to the target audience selection for your ad is which platforms your ad should be published on “Which Platforms Should I Advertise On” —- You can read our recommendations in our article.

You may encounter any of the problems we mentioned above. The important thing is to identify the cause of the problem when you encounter these problems and take action to make the necessary changes.

We need to think of the ad production process as a whole, not as a one-time job. We should think with the same logic when advertising on these platforms, just as we try to learn from the failures in the service provided in the product produced and try to do better.

With the solutions we developed at Magnetiq, we aim to easily overcome all of the above-mentioned problems.

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