Connecting Magnetiq with Your Meta (Facebook) Advertising Account

The steps you should check before connecting your Facebook advertising account:

1- Make sure you have a Facebook advertising account. 

2- Make sure that your ad account is not restricted or closed.

3- Make sure that the pay method is attached to your ad account.

4- Make sure that your Facebook page and Instagram account are connected to the advertising account. You can check how to do it here.

To connect;

1. Through the left menu, go to the “My Account” tab. 

2. In the “Connected Accounts” section, click on the “Connect” button from the Facebook + Instagram option.

3. At the window that opens, log in with your Facebook account information that your ad account is linked to.

4. Click the Continue button.

5. Choose your Ad account, Facebook Page and Instagram Account permission settings and continue.

6. In the window that opens in Magnetiq, select and connect to your relevant accounts.

Press ESC to close