How Did We Receive Over 1000 Upvotes on Our Product Hunt Launch?

As Magnetiq, we had our Product Hunt launch on the 29th of September.

Please find our launch page here

What is Magnetiq?

Magnetiq is a one stop shop for digital marketing for non-marketers, allowing users to create compelling ad creatives and manage their digital ads effectively across channels. Easy interface, minimal time investment and exciting results!

Our Launch Results

Even though it was our first time launching on Product Hunt, we achieved great results!

  • #2 Product of the Day
  • #4 Product of the Week
  • 1000+ Upvotes
  • 600+ Comments
  • Visitors to our website from over 110 countries.
  • New users from over 60 countries!

We would like to thank everyone who showed support with their votes, reviews and feedback during this time.

So, how did we succeed?
1. Learning/Research Phase

We started our preparations way prior to our launch date. Approximately 3 months in advance! 🙂

Our growth team, which leads our PH launch, read all the resources out there regarding Product Hunt and other successful launches. Literally, all the resources 🙂

Additionally, we visited Product Hunt consistently on an everyday basis. Our goal was to understand the daily traffic, see what types of visuals and content performing best, what kinds of headlines capture more attention, etc. While understanding the dynamics of the platform, we also invested a lot into our community and enlarged our network within the PH community.

2. Planning/Preparation Phase

Benchmarking of the resource we cumulated and the information we have generated, we listed all the action items for,

  • Pre-launch
  • During launch
  • Post-launch

And divided up tasks and task owners for each action item.

Our main goal for pre-launch was to reach out as many people as possible, ask for feedback, improve accordingly and to add newly met people into our contact list.

Where did we reach out to new people:

  • Product Hunt
  • Slack Groups
  • Facebook Groups
  • IndieHackers
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Reaching out to thousands of people from different backgrounds and companies from the channels listed above, we accumulated some feedback and applied the applicable ones to our product prior to the launch. Also, as mentioned earlier, always aimed to remain engaging with the community as a team and expanded our network.

3.Action/Launch Phase

Our sun has risen! Day of the Launch!

As we were already prepared in terms of our tasks and action items for the launch, we started taking our actions hour by hour.

The main things we took into consideration during our launch day:

  • Replying to the comments we received from the community.
  • Reaching out to the people we have already got in touch with for the past 3 months.
  • Sharing launch related content across channels to build up awareness.

Additionally, our team went above and beyond in terms of reaching out to people who may help out. Asked for people in our network to share our launch content, people with related follower bases at channels like LinkedIn and Twitter were actually a great help! We had people posting our launch with a cumulative follower base of 500k+.

4. Reporting/Follow-up Phase

One thing really stood out, while and after our launch day that we were not expecting. Some of our competitors received unfair upvotes/spam votes during and after the launch in order to receive the Day and Week badges.

Prior to our launch we did not believe that this would be something to take into consideration, however, after a close analysis we realized this actually was a reality and something to monitor closely in order to receive what we actually deserve!

In order to keep track of the votes:

  • Took close track of the sudden fluctuations of other products’ votes.
  • Tracked the votes progress through sites like:
5. Result

As mentioned earlier on this thread, our first launch was a success for us with lots of great outcomes and subscribers from over 60 countries.

We tried to explain our journey briefly, please do not hesitate to reach out to Magnetiq if you have any further questions!

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