Digital Marketing Strategies for Valentine’s Day

For most businesses, February is one of the most important months in terms of sales due to Valentine’s Day. You can increase your sales during this month with the right marketing strategy, whether you are a large or small business.

To advertise correctly, you need to interpret and understand the forecasts correctly. Let’s start by what is predicted in the digital world for February 14 Valentine’s Day based on the search volumes on Google Trends.

1.Searches for Valentine’s Day gifts start to increase from the beginning of February. Start advertising for Valentine’s Day for your brand as soon as possible!

Google Trends for Valentine’s Day

2. Women are more difficult to please than men with their search for gifts and cannot be selective. Therefore, they do more research than men. Activate your Google Search ads.

3. The reason women do more research than men is because they are looking for more affordable, discounted, and romantic gifts. With high-frequency ads, offer your discount advantages in female-targeted ads on both Google and social media channels!

4. Men are last-minute gift choosers! Therefore, you should advertise in male targeted Valentine’s Day ads until the last minute. By emphasizing features such as “same day delivery, fast shipping, and 2 hours at the door” offered by your business, you can quickly increase your sales on Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day

5. Jewelry & Accessories, Watches & Glasses, Sportswear, Flowers & Chocolate, and Cosmetics & Perfume are among the leading gifts. So, if you are in this sector, you must advertise!

6. Boutique hotels with an escape-from-the-city theme lead the way in romantic gift alternatives. Massage/spa salons, custom-designed souvenirs, and winter holiday searches follow closely behind. Promote your business and service on Instagram! Let those without a gift idea know that they can have a romantic Valentine’s Day with this option.

7. Those searching for gifts check out Google for sure! Therefore, take advantage of Google search ads. If you have a limited advertising budget, avoid targeting generic keywords where competition is high.

With Magnetiq, you can start advertising quickly with Valentine’s Day-specific ad templates for your business and increase your sales.

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