Everything You Wonder About Digital Marketing!

In this article, we have answered the basic questions about digital marketing with short answers, we hope it will be an enjoyable article!

What is Digital Marketing?

The promotion of products and services in digital environments using digital media tools is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a very important area especially for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs and businesses operating in the e-commerce industry can determine their own target audiences. Entrepreneurs can increase the awareness, popularity and sales of their own brands by reaching more customers.

What are the Differences between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

There are big differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing. So, what are these points?

  • Digital marketing tools cover all channels that can be accessed via internet. The focus of traditional marketing is mass media such as television, radio and newspaper. For this reason, the costs of traditional marketing can be higher.
  • Promotional activities in traditional marketing are limited to certain time periods. Digital advertisements, on the other hand, have measurable features. .So, you can access more functions easily. Businesses and entrepreneurs can see how many times their products are viewed and clicked. If the impact is below expectations, they can easily change their strategy and make performance improvements without wasting time.
  • Thanks to digital marketing, you can communicate and get feedback from your potential customers easily. However, communication in traditional marketing is one-way. So, a mutual communication is unfortunately not possible. The message is conveyed to a general audience through mass media.
  • You can customize your target audience with digital marketing tools. It is entirely up to you which age range, gender or profession you want to reach. In traditional marketing, it is much more difficult to customize your target audience because it is addressed to a general audience.
  • In digital marketing, you can easily access all statistical data of your ads, so you can determine which marketing strategies are suitable for your business.
What are Digital Marketing Methods?

It is very important to determine a strategy before starting e-commerce. Thanks to digital platforms and tools, you can benefit from the advantages of digital marketing in many areas from determining your target audience to developing your brand.

Here are a few digital marketing methods for you that can give you an idea:

I) Content Marketing

It contains informative content that will attract the attention of the target audience. Content marketing can be used to create a brand-specific audience and promote a product or service. Thanks to the regular content created, the number of keywords related to the brand increases, which contributes to SEO. Blogs, e-mail newsletters, social media channels such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok are areas that can be used for content marketing.

II) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a method that optimizes products in accordance with the search engine and enables them to rank higher when searched. Standing out in SEO in highly competitive marketing areas depends on many variables. Among these variables, there are many variables such as regular content production, keyword usage, website and content quality. SEO optimization can be done with tools such as Google Trends, Google Search Console, Google Ads and Semrush.

III) Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a method that allows you to reach your potential customers through social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram) where people spend a lot of time. With social media marketing, advertisements can be made suitable for the target audience. The number of people who can pass around your business is limited, but you will not encounter such restrictions on the internet. You can reach large audiences with social media tools.

IV) E-Mail Marketing (Mailing)

One of the most popular types of marketing is mailing. This type of marketing is very effective for mobilising target audiences. It aims to inform the customers about the product or service by sending a mass email to the determined target group according to the data available. You can present attractive offers and opportunities to your customers by talking about the advantages of the product or service. However, according to the new regulations, businesses that offer commercial e-mail services are required to register with the Message Management System. This is also an important point that should not be missed.

V) Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that is frequently used in social media applications such as Instagram and Youtube. In this form of advertising , the influencer, who has reached a high number of followers and gained the trust of this audience, promotes the products and ensures an interaction between the product and the audience. The point to be noted is that each influencer has a unique audience. Therefore, knowing your customer base well and working with an influencer suitable for your audience will be much more effective.

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