How Long Should the Learning Process of Your Digital Ads Be?

Can’t you get the results you want with the ads you set up?

Maybe you set up many ads, but you didn’t get the results you wanted because you ended your ad before the learning process was over.

Since your advertisement and your ideas could not achieve the results you wanted, you moved away from digital advertising and came to the conclusion that it was not effective enough. If you are in a similar disappointment, this article will solve your problems!

In this article, we have listed step-by-step what you need to do after setting up your ad. After paying attention to these tips, your ads will be a piece of cake!

In this article,

  • what the learning process is,
  • the factors affecting the learning process
  • things to do after the learning process is over

we mentioned.

What is the Learning Process?

The learning process is the phase of testing and finding the best way to optimise your ads after you set it up. The more impressions your ads receive, the more chances you have to observe what works better and move on to options with better results. If you stop your ad during this process where the necessary information is being collected to show your ad to the right people, you will not get the results you want.

The learning process is important in order to predict the performance of future advertisements and to establish the advertising strategy of the brand.

How Long Does the Learning Process Take?

There are many factors that affect the length of the process, including whether you have created an ad before, the performance of your ad, and the budget.

Our recommendation is that you keep your ad in the learning process for a minimum of 7 days and continue to collect data. According to other variables, this period may be longer, but we can say that the minimum period is 7 days.

What are the Factors Affecting the Learning Process?

Rearrange the ads.

Avoid re-editing an ad while it’s on the learning process. This causes the learning process to start all over again.

Creating multiple ad sets at the same time.

During the learning process, it is not always a good strategy to set up many advertising campaigns at the same time, with similar expectations, and wait for results. When you create multiple ad sets for the same audience at the same time, your ad tries to learn for each set: Combining ad sets would be a better alternative.

Determine the inappropriate budget.

Instead of making frequent adjustments to the budget, enter an adequate budget from the beginning and spend it until the learning process is over.

Important note: Make sure your ad has the necessary budget for the learning process, because ads that are paused will go into the learning process again. Setting the appropriate budget will prevent the ad from being paused in the middle of the learning process and will prevent the disruption of the learning process. To determine the right advertising budget, you can use Magnetiq’s budget recommendations article.

Why does the learning process take longer?

If you made a visual or text change in your ad, or if you made a change in budget or targeting, the learning process will take a longer time. In short, every change you make in your ad affects the learning process. Remember that every time you make a change to your ad, ad learning starts all over again.

What should I do?

You should not stop your ad while your ad is in the learning process. This is the period when data is analysed to show your ad to the right users. In order to get the results you want from your ads, you should wait for the learning process of your ad to end, and then analyse this process correctly and determine how to proceed. Stay tuned for tips on how to analyse your ad after you publish it!

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