How to use Chat GPT for small business digital marketing strategies?

The importance of digital advertising, especially for small businesses, is significant. Promoting a business, increasing sales, and reaching a specific audience repeatedly becomes much faster through digital marketing. That’s why digital marketing is crucial for small businesses.

However, for a founder who deals with every aspect of their business, trying to learn and devote time to digital marketing can be quite challenging. For this reason, you can quickly place ads using tools like Magnetiq and take advantage of artificial intelligence in some areas.

Let’s create a story together, and in this story, let’s be a small business owner. We’ll ask Chat GPT to create a digital marketing strategy and plan for our small business.

1. Where should I start?

Imagine we have no prior knowledge of digital marketing. We always hear it from everyone about digital ads can quickly increase sales and easily reach potential customers. But how? What should we know before we start publishing digital ads?

Define your product or services.

“My business is about selling baby products. I only have a website, not any offline stores.”
Where should I start?

2. Go deep down

Determine your target audience, and have detailed information.

But how? Define your target audience, target country or region (so important!) and get some insights. My first question was about ages.

I know my target audience, but how will I find them on the internet? Where are my online shoppers?

I need to know what my target audience is searching for on the internet, what they follow, and which content they are most interested in on social media, but I don’t know. I don’t have the financial resources to conduct a detailed market research. I need help with this as well.

3. Start to setup

I can target these with my ads. However, I don’t know how to create ads either. Ad panels are so complicated and difficult, with a lot of new information. A digital marketing expert can easily understand, but I have no knowledge of digital marketing and struggle to comprehend. That’s why I need help with Meta Business Manager for my first social media ad.

So many objectives! Which one I should choose?

If you are struggling to set up ads through Business Manager and find the advertising objectives complex, you can create ads much faster and easier with Magnetiq compared to the panels. With its easy-to-use panel, you can place ads in minutes with just three simple steps.

Objective is done but still so many things I have to figure out.

How can I find my target audience in Facebook & Instagram. Do they use Instagram or Facebook or both of them? Which one is more popular for my target audience?

Another problem is done, but I feel the biggest one is coming!

Budget! I heard somewhere that the advertising budget is crucial. Each panel has a minimum ad budget requirement for daily. Additionally, using the budget efficiently is essential. However, since I have never publish an ad before, I cannot decide how much budget I should start with and I do not know what should be my digital marketing budget? I have an approximate idea of how much budget my competitors allocate, but i don’t have money. Besides, I have to work with a freelancer for my ad creative and allocate a budget for them as well. Consequently, I have a limited budget for advertising, and I need to make sales with this budget. That’s why I need a digital marketing plan.

Influencer marketing? with a limited budget? Even for me (person with no digital marketing knowledge) does not make senses. I asked for a revision and requested a total budget recommendation.

Digital marketing plan

However, I wasn’t satisfied with this budget either, because as I mentioned before, I can estimate how much my competitors are spending, and this suggested budget is much lower than theirs. Therefore, I specified my maximum total budget and asked for a distribution across channels.

While I still didn’t know how to place Facebook, Instagram and Google ads, Pinterest came up as well. However, since the explanation made sense, I accepted and started asking how to set up ads for the other channels.

My advertising budget, ad channels, and ad objectives are all set, but since I will be spending a budget for the first time, I want to start with some assurance that I can make a few sales. Therefore, if I see a few estimated sales figures in the plan, I feel like I will be more comfortable with publishing ads.

Although the costs(CPC) of Facebook and Instagram are the same, the recommended budgets are different, which piques my interest. When I ask why, I learn that there are more Facebook users in my target audience.

4. After campaign structure, time to figure out the ad structure

I have completed my digital marketing plan and campaign structure, but I still need a lot of things related to ads. Firstly, I don’t know how to write effective ad copy for digital and I need to figure this out. For this, i had previously read an article with Chat GPT about how to write ad copy, and I am creating my ad texts based on that.

However, according to this article, Google ad texts are more effective when there are more of them, so I want more suggested texts.

Instead of working with a freelancer and paying extra money for ad visuals, I decided to proceed with Magnetiq Studio to design my ad visuals for free, which would allow me to increase my advertising budget. This way, i can quickly create the 11 dimensions I need for my ads by choosing from read to use templates.

Additionally, after asking about keywords I can target with Google ads and how to publish ads on Pinterest, I decided to learn about the metrics I need to follow and the actions I need to take. However, the metrics still seemed too numerous and complicated for me.

If, like the small business owner in this story, you’re unsure about how to advertise, where to begin, or even how to track and evaluate your ads, you can use Chat GPT as an assistant for your small business digital marketing strategy.

However, if you want real-time ad budget recommendations, target audience and keyword suggestions, the ability to quickly design ad visuals in the appropriate dimensions, and set up ads easily like digital marketing experts without getting lost in the complexity of ad panels, Magnetiq is here to help!

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