Magnetiq Studio: How to Use

What is Magnetiq Studio?

Magnetiq Studio is a place where you can customize design templates prepared by professional designers according to your brand, and prepare your ads for all advertising platforms by choosing from hundreds of free stock images or uploading your own images.

You can access Studio directly from the main panel or in the last step when creating a new ad.

STUDIO is a Magnetiq product where you can edit ready-made ad templates prepared by professional designers according to your brand without the need for expert help.

What you can do with STUDIO:

  • You can choose from dozens of ready-made ad templates.
  • You can easily make all the changes you want in terms of color, visual and text.
  • If you wish, you can use any of the hundreds of stock images for free.
  • STUDIO does the sizing for you automatically according to the ad spaces you choose. Thus, your designs will increase the attention span and you can set up digital ads with more returns.

You can access STUDIO via the administration panel or in the last step of the ad creation flow.

How can I use it?

You can create eye-catching ad design in Magnetiq Studio by following these steps:

1- Select design template

2- Choose the basic template and customize it as you wish

3- Make sure your ad is ready to show on any platform you want

4- Publish your ad!

1- Choose Design Template

Start by choosing the most suitable ad templates for your brand among the ad templates prepared by professional designers.

2- Edit Master Template and Comments

Once you’ve chosen the template, you can finalize your design in Studio by following the steps below

General Usage Tips

  1. Ad Placements

You can customize your ad and change its design by clicking on the “Ad Spaces” section at the bottom of the page.

Important: Any changes made to the base template are automatically applied to all other placements. For this reason, after designing on the basic template, it is recommended to customize other ad spaces.

Remember: If you are making changes to a field other than the master template, it will only change for that field

You can work more comfortably by zooming in and out of the template on the bar you see at the bottom of the screen.

When you click on the same bar again, you can see all the ad placements in the template. For example, the size of the image that you can share in Instagram stories and the size of the image that appears in the Instagram feed are different from each other. We automatically adjust these sizing for you according to the design you have made.

It is the master design that comes as selected. The master design is the template that allows you to make changes to automatically adapt to all placements. Any changes you make here are adapted to the other field sizes.

  1. Design Customization

After clicking on the image on the basic template, you can make all your customizations thanks to the menu that opens.

  • You can upload your own images by clicking the Upload button or, 
  • You can use any of the hundreds of stock images for free by clicking the Stock Image button.
  • You can apply automatic filtering from the Filter section.
  • You can use the Hide button in the right area to completely remove an image or text.

For example, you can upload your own image to this template using the Upload button or choose from free Stock Images.

When you click on the Stock Image button, you can access the images in the theme you want using the search bar.

To edit the description fields, simply click on them.

In the same way, you can make visual edits on the right area, or you can directly change the content by double-clicking on the text.

  1. Perfect Your Design with the Color Picker Tool

You can easily update the background and text colors in the template. Edit your design according to your theme with the Color Selection Tool on the right.

It is possible to change the text or background color by choosing a color from any area on the template.

3- Check Out Design For All Ad Spaces

After you edit the main design, you can check how it looks for the areas where you will publish your ad.

You can also control how it will appear in another ad placement via the bottom bar.

Let’s check how the design would look in the Google Banner ad space:

If there are ad placements that you want to customize other than the master design, you can use this bar. For example, if you want to use a separate image or text for Instagram Story, you can select Instagram Story and make your changes only for this placement.

4- Publish Your Ad!

You are ready to review your ad and share it with your target audience by clicking the Preview & Continue button on the top right!

Magnetiq will check whether your ads are suitable for all advertising platforms you will publish. After this check, you will be ready to publish your ads on the platforms you want.

When your images are loaded and your ad is ready, you can click the Continue button. If you want to go back to editing, you can use the button on the top left.

Your ad images are ready! Now there are no obstacles in front of you to announce your brand and increase your sales by publishing your advertisement!

Advanced Tips

If you are going to make different adjustments by returning to the main image labeled “Master Template” after making a change outside the main image area, you can use the “Lock” feature in the right area after the change you have made.

Thanks to this method, you can prevent the changes you make in the master template from affecting the changes you make in this field.

You can choose from many filters such as brightness and blur on an image and apply it to your image.

Explore what Magnetiq Studio has to offer:

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