Maximize Your E-commerce Potential with Shopify’s Latest Advancements

We mentioned earlier that Shopify is constantly improving itself and adding new features for e-commerce businesses. In this article, we will discuss the contribution of these recent developments by Shopify to businesses.

1. App for Improved Search and Discovery

Extend filters to product tags and large collections, suggest items that are frequently purchased together, and use improved analytics to optimize how customers navigate stores. Users can now add manual recommendations and product boosts at scale using metafields.

2. Integrated Sanity

To enhance the functionality of your online store, link your store content directly to your Sanity content management system.

3. Product Packages

Users will soon be able to create bundles using the new Shopify Bundles app or any of the upcoming bundles apps in the Shopify App Store built on Shopify Functions

4.Built on Shopify Functions, New Discount Applications

Users can now give customers access to more types of discounts and the option to combine several discounts on a single order. Choose one of the four ready-to-use discounts offered by Shopify, or use a discount app that seamlessly integrates with admin to access additional types, such as a free gift with purchase. Shopify Functions also allow users to create their own unique app.

5. Create Discounts For Each Channel

To improve customer relationships and increase sales, provide distinctive discounts on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

6. Updates to Subscription APIs

Now, developers can reduce the number of API calls made when creating, billing, or updating subscription contracts. They can also support local delivery and in-store pickup for subscription orders.

7. Sell Across Channels

Sell offline, online, or on social media using tightly integrated sales channels. Being present wherever your customers are while managing it easily from a single central

8. Pos GO:

The newest mobile point of sale (POS) device from Shopify helps local merchants stay on top of their business. With POS Go, users can stay connected to their business at a fraction of the cost of other setups since no separate tablet or card reader is required. Only accessible within the USA.

9. Monitor Incoming and Committed Stock

Users now have an operational view of the total available inventory in their POS thanks to new inventory statuses like on hand and unavailable.

Checkout in person that is more quickly

smart grid customization and reduction of standard line costs, such as rush orders, for quicker checkouts.

Assign and edit gift cards through a customer’s profile, and issue a physical or digital gift card from POS. Gift cards are now integrated with POS.

10. Available In More Markets is Shopify POS

In addition to Singapore and Finland, Shopify now offers access to its POS in all 15 of its markets.

11. Sales Attribution and Staff Permissions

With improved sales attribution and fine-grained staff permissions, retailers of all sizes can access detailed information on operational tasks.

12. Help For More Than 1,000 Locations

With centralized support for more than 1,000 retail locations from a single store, you can sell in-person, in volume, and in more locations than ever.

13. More alterations to the Shop app

Customization of the Shop Store’s product collections, descriptions, top sellers, and branding.

Passkeys will make it simpler than ever for customers to sign in to Shop.

Upgrade the Shop Store and product pages with fresh experiences.

14. Sync with YouTube to Sell

Stand out with current product info directly beneath the video, pinned in the chat, or tagged during a live stream.

Selling products on YouTube to create authentic, live, and on-demand shopping experiences.

15. Global

Selling internationally is now more feasible than ever. It is now easier than ever to quickly expand to new markets from a single store with updates to Shopify Markets and the launch of Markets Pro, Shopify’s full stack solution.

16. App to Translate & Adapt

Localize store content across markets to engage more customers with regional, seasonal, and cultural relevance.

A side-by-side editor that allows you to add, edit, and review translated content while also offering free automatic translation in up to two languages.

Modify content to account for regional differences in messaging and spelling.

17. Welcome to Markets Pro

Markets Pro is a comprehensive solution that provides end-to-end liability management, affordable cross-border shipping and fulfillment, and localization tools to help businesses expand globally.

18. Boost with B2B

With dozens of improvements, Shopify has already made B2B on Shopify better.

Establish minimum and maximum quantities, case-packs, and increments for products and variants.

Raise minimum order quantities for products to raise average order value.

By buying in bulk, you can reduce shipping and handling expenses and streamline the fulfillment process.

Create special guidelines for various clients.

19. Withdrawal To Draft

Simplify the ordering procedure for users and corporate clients.

By receiving orders in draft form, which enables you to review and approve them before finalizing, you can gain more control and visibility.

Boost productivity by automatically approving client orders.

Offer your clients the option to submit an online quote request.

20. New B2B APIs and Related Applications

Utilize Shopify’s B2B APIs to build the unique solutions that wholesale businesses require, such as B2B loyalty programs, packaging and delivery instructions collected at checkout, and order notes collection. Alternately, use B2B-compatible apps to personalize your experience.

Also you can read the first article of the series about Shopify’s latest updates here. We will continue to discuss Shopify updates in our next article.

This article written by Hollypalm for Magnetiq serves as an insightful resource for businesses looking to stay on top of the latest updates and features in the world of Shopify.

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