Ad Continuity: The Missing Piece in Your Digital Marketing

There are certain strategies that your business needs to follow to achieve the desired outcome and generate high revenues through digital advertising. If you are new to digital advertising or do not have expert knowledge, you should know the key to opening the doors to successful digital marketing!

Ensuring ad continuity is the key!

You have decided that digital marketing is one of the most effective methods for your business to grow, or you have heard this frequently from your surroundings. You have researched what to consider when advertising, and you have finally launched your first ad. However, there are some important points you need to pay attention to from now on. Ad continuity comes into play right at this point.

Let your ads learn!

You have identified your target audience, selected your initial budget, and even worked on various ad visuals and launched your ads. Maybe you even paid a freelancer almost half of your ad budget to prepare your visuals or publish your ads. Your ad started receiving impressions, but your sales did not increase quickly, your customers did not call you, or nobody messaged you. One of the most common and biggest mistakes is not allowing your ads to learn!

First of all, you should know that your ad will be in the learning phase for at least 7 days after you launch it. An ad’s learning phase includes the following: Your ad collects data according to your target audience, tries to identify users who can convert according to the ad purpose it analyzes. Therefore, expecting your ad to perform at full capacity as soon as it is published would be wrong! You should not think that you have not made any sales yet, have not gained any followers yet, or nobody has called your business even after 3-4 days of advertising! At this point, thinking that you cannot convert and wasting your budget ranks among the biggest strategic mistakes made. You should be patient and give your ad the necessary time to complete its learning phase.

Even if you are a business with a limited advertising budget, you can design your ad visuals and become your own digital marketing expert by publishing your ads without the need for any freelancers using Magnetiq. Start here to try Magnetiq, which informs you about the learning process of your ads and prevents you from wasting your digital ad budget.

Keep trying!

After your ads leave the learning phase, you should start measuring how much conversion you aimed for with your ad and where you stand in terms of your goal.

For example, you set your ad budget at $50 per day. You should determine how to evaluate if your ad generates $100 per day or if it does not generate any sales at all. What amount of sales did you expect for the ad budget you determined? $250, $500 or $1000 per day? Based on this, you should measure your ad’s performance and decide whether to continue advertising or make changes to the ad.

Statistics are on your side!

According to a report by Hootsuite, the influence of Meta and Google ads is very significant in users discovering a brand and making purchases. In such a situation, instead of giving up because you didn’t get the desired results from your initial ads, you should continue to try regularly.

You should remember that in order to get efficient results from your ads and to acquire an effective digital marketing strategy, you should maintain this continuity by giving ads regularly. This way, your digital visibility and brand awareness will gradually increase and you will also gain new potential customers.

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