4 Tips to Use Back-to-School Effectively!

The back-to-school period is a period of increased mobility with the end of the summer season beginning in September. Since this period includes not only the opening of schools, but also the return to the city from vacation, it creates a great increase in activity in most industries.

It is one of the periods in which large expenditures are made in e-commerce and the competition is at its highest. Therefore, it is very important to use this period effectively.

The back-to-school period presents a great opportunity for any business. You can compensate for your decreased sales during the summer months by correctly evaluating the opportunities in this period and increasing your sales.

In this article, we included 4 tips for you not to miss opportunities during the back-to-school period!

1. Reassess Your Audience

Before you do any advertising, you need to re-evaluate who you want to feature your product for and who the buyer is. After re-selecting your potential customers, you should ensure that they see and buy products that interest them.

For example, during the back-to-school period, parents, students, and teachers may be your potential customers who are among your target audience and that you plan to sell. Or you may be aiming to sell office supplies to white-collar workers who will return to the office. You also shape your ads according to the target audience you plan to sell to.

If you’re having trouble identifying your target audience, you can also take advantage of Magnetiq’s pre-set audiences.

2. Analyse Your Target Audience’s Shopping Habits.

After determining the target audience, it is time to evaluate the shopping habits of the audience in this period.

For example, let’s take the parents as the target audience, the second step is to determine what the parents need the most in this period. Focusing on the advertisements of products that are compatible with the needs of the audience will also increase sales.

To understand which products your audience needs, you can look at the frequently searched words, so you can understand which product has more demand and highlight the advertisements for that product.

Plus, there are two free tools you can use here!

Google Trends: You can see which word is searched how often, in which language and in which region from Google Trends, and you can decide how to set up your ads by following the trends.

Google Keyword Planner: While setting up your ads, you can use Google Keyword Planner to see which words are searched the most and to advertise according to the needs of your users.

Important Note: Another suggestion is to examine the past ads published by your competitors in the same period and to observe which ads get what kind of returns, so you can understand how your own ads should be.

3. Attract Your Target Audience to the Website!

After determining the needs of your target audience, it is time to set up advertisements in accordance with your audience’s consumption habits.

Use a suitable communication language with your customers, explain that they can buy the product they are looking for with the best quality and the best service from you. Increase your brand awareness, try to rank high in Google searches so that they can see your brand.

Rank high when searching for their needs, appear on their social media, attract their attention, and direct them to shop on your own site.

If you are confused about what kind of campaign you should set up, you can set up your ads much more easily by using Magnetiq’s smart keyword suggestions.

4. Give Them Opportunities They Can’t Say No To!

Suggestion 1

Consider your own purchasing experience. What do you pay attention to the most before buying? Price, quality, or design? Now study these factors on each of your customer bases. Create ads for each audience that they can’t refuse.

For example, study a separate advertisement for affordable options and a separate advertisement for designer products. Show the right ad to the right person, give targeted audience-oriented ads. For example, bring an office chair in front of your potential customer who is looking for office supplies. Thanks to customised advertisements, users will be more likely to buy. All you must do is put the right ads in front of the right people!

Suggestion 2

Emphasise that you have products for every need and your product variety. The user who comes to the site should know that whatever product he needs, he can get the best from you.

In this process, you can make various collaborations, offer advantages such as free shipping or various discounts, and choose to highlight the advantages you offer.

Suggestion 3

Remind yourself of former customers who are already your users and whose contact information you have. Define special discounts for them to do their shopping from you or let them remember you by informing them about the available discounts.

Following these four tips will increase your sales during the back-to-school period.

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